Well known to all motorcycle aficionados MARCH MOTO MADNESS raises speed and leaves everyone with intense emotions and beautiful memories. In 2019 we saw teams like BMW Vagianelis, GS Traveler, Enduro Greece, Heg Team, Naxos Adventure Rally and many friends from every corner of Greece raising the bar in riding skills, and communication spirit with the Rally organizers Paris and Angelo, also known as Balto Bros, who still have the passion and love for adventure riding events and rallies and continue this truly global annual event.

This year BMW Motorrad was honored since the event was supported in the USA by the GS Giants and in Greece by BMW Motorrad VAGIANELIS SA and GS TRAVELER, which offered R1200GS/GSA and F850/750GS motorcycle rentals and test rides of all new GS models. In addition, they provided off-road rider training with an official BMW Motorrad Instructor.

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The Ranch in Sofiko Korinthia has become our established camp-base since it offers everything needed for such an event. This year we had our own separate Saloon with a small exhibition of products from KLIM and ENDURISTAN, where all participants were able to see the quality of the construction and the technology of the materials. They were also able to discuss with experienced and technically trained people. In turn, we received feedback from real users, adventure motorcycle riders, about their ideas for future products.

March Moto Madness | Adventure Tour

Saturday's Adventure Tour was circular around The Ranch, so those who do not want to ride the full tour has the opportunity to quickly return to the base and the chance to continue with the rest of the group when they are ready. The first 80km (4h) track was relatively easy without much altitude changes, but new riders struggled a bit due to the rocky terrain of the area. In the last segment, we had some more difficult technical single-trails to satisfy everyone, regardless of their riding level and experience. Stops at points of interest provided the possibility of departing or arriving via asphalt routes, and points of water and fruit supply for the riders.

After a short coffee break in the restaurant area, the group departed for the second 35-40km (2h) with a more beautiful natural relief, a visit to a beach with big shingles for some besides-the-sea riding and eventually ending of the Tour, just before the sunset in the enchanting harbor of Korfos, with a small meal and some relaxing by the Mediterranean waves.

BMW Motorrad Vagianelis provided technical support for the tour and the solution in unexpected events such as a torn tire. The team, even on the difficult passes, continued at a swift pace and everything that came our way was easily overcome with co-operation and determination.

March Moto Madness | Skills Event

Sunday's Skills Event started differently from the usual motorcycle event, as inspired by The Ranch, we led the participants initially to the rodeo-bull to compete for determining the starting lineup of the Skills Event! The bull proved to be a good warmer because the obstacles compared to other years were more and more technical.

Note that our tracks are designed for large-cc motorcycles, with strong reference to the R1200GS and the R1250GS monsters that despite their heavy weight had similar times with the small single-cylinder entries. The technical obstacles track was also competed by female riders with smaller cubic (350cc - 450cc) motorcycles provided by our new business partner  ENDURO GREECE. Seeing more and more women getting into the motorcycling and dirt riding makes us particularly happy.

Our new partner and official BMW Motorrad instructor Vassilis Boudros has shown us how to easily overcome the track obstacles with appropriate technique and has confirmed that the joy is double when you make the overall best time on a mammoth like the R1200GS Rally. At the Skills Event, there were eventually 3 winners in the big twin-cylinder category, around which the event is revolved. Winning prizes were offerings from MOST WANTED WAREHOUSE and GS TRAVELER.

During the three-day March Moto Madness Greece, all we could see was smiling people who really love motorcycling, Travel Enduro, the tricky tracks and embrace the true Adventure Life.

These people inspire us to add more length at our tracks, more technicaly demanding, and to explore our riding limits as modern motorcycles are expanding these limits more and more.

As an organizer of many Adventure Rallies over the last few years, we have seen more and more skilled riders, but quite new to the field, putting their bikes on the road and off-road in increasingly difficult conditions. We like to follow international standards at such events and we are talking to the MOTHER RALLY organizers in the US to exchange ideas for a better March Moto Madness worldwide.

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