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Here, you can unleash your wildest adventure ambitions, bucket-list experiences and an unbridled curiosity for the rare and unexplored. This was the impulse Bespoke Adventures was founded upon, and over the years, we’ve been exploring the remote corners of this land for out of reach from the clutches of mainstream discovery. Now, we present to you our exclusive bespoke service.

This is your blank canvas. It all starts here.

Individual mountaineering ascents, group escapes, fundraising challenges, exquisite proposals, wilderness weddings, once-in-a-lifetime family adventures; we’ll take your ideas and develop your ultimate travel experience from scratch.

Our Expertise. Your Adventure.

There is no denying that Greece is truly blessed with majestic scenery and rich ancient history. One can only feel awe when witnessing a sunset by the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the Southernmost Cape of Attica. Greece is also a motorcycle paradise! Our climate is mild and there is almost no probation for riding off-road in amazing routes. Carefully planned Adventures connect the most picturesque villages and archeological sites with each-other, giving emphasis on the riding experience while passing through the breathtaking scenery of long mountain ridges, hiking remote dragon lakes and sleeping under a million stars in isolated hi-planes.

Our Tour Guides are highly skilled riders, with all the necessary technical expertise required for serious and safe Adventure Expeditions. Planning and supervision are made by Most Wanted Warehouse founders and official Klim Ambassadors Angelo Baltoyannis and Paris Baltoyannis, organizers and hosts for Greece of the KTM Adventure Rally and the March Moto Madness Rally, and partners with many established brands in the international adventure community like Enduristan and AltRider. All of our Adventure Motorcycle Tours come with a leading Tour Guide rider and the possibility of a 4×4 Support Vehicle if required.

Rent A Ride

While nothing is better than exploring Greece on your trusted motorcycle, always accompanied by one of our highly skilled guides, this is not always possible. For the biggest part of riders shipping their own motorcycle in Greece for a week or two just doesn't worth the effort. Should this stop you? Certainly not, since we can provide you with a carefully prepared BMW Motorrad GS motorcycle, that ranges all the way from the versatile F850GS to the mighty R1200GS/GSA.

Ride with Klim

Rider safety comes first, always. From planning to riding gear. Our personal relation with Klim goes way back and our contact with them has convinced us about their strive to perform and innovate. As Klim Ambassadors we have been using, testing and eventually, crash-testing all of their products and we have developed a trust in the protection and weatherproof characteristics of their gear.

An exclusive premium service that we offer to our clients is the option to rent Klim riding gear from us or to buy brand new Klim riding gear with a special -15% discount.

This is a great opportunity to ride having the best experience and protection, and then return home with a real bargain! To check all available Klim models valid for this great offer, please visit our MWW Klim Shop.

This is your adventure. Make it one to remember.


Our Expertise. Your Adventure.

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