Enduristan Enduristan Sandstorm 4A Tank Bag 13-20lt Riders of the BMW R 1200 GS LC or the new KTM Adventure Models will love this fully waterproof and c.. Product #: LUTA-007 Regular price: $225.00 $225.00 In Stock

Enduristan Sandstorm 4A Tank Bag 13-20lt

Product Code: LUTA-007
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Price: €225,00

Riders of the BMW R 1200 GS LC or the new KTM Adventure Models will love this fully waterproof and continuously expandable tankbag! It snugly fits the curved shape of large adventure bikes and of course comes with all the handy features you are used from Enduristan.



Waterproof 3-layer fabric, a zipper covered on the backside and an all welded design: The main compartment is 100% waterproof. You don't need any rain cover and there is no inner bag you additionally need to open.



Thanks to our patented Expandable Volume Technology, the tankbag's volume is continuously adjustable between 13 and 20 liters.



Elastic ROKstraps™ ensure, that your tankbag stays in place also on the toughest tracks. Quick release buckles allow easy refueling and fastening.



Is there anything more annoying than a broken zipper? For this reason we only use YKK's toughest coil zipper. Also for buckles, straps and materials we accept no compromise: Only high quality materials guarantee a long and useful life.

  • Large waterproof map pocket (35 x 24 cm)
  • Red inner lining for high visibility
  • 1 fold-away separators in the main compartment: Fold it in to divide your bag, fold it away to have one large compartment
  • 1 zipper pocket on the separator
  • 1 zipper pocket in the main compartment
  • Various holding loops in the main compartment
  • Removable document pouch under the cover with pen holder, mesh pocket and key ring
  • 1 detachable outside pocket with holding loops and mesh pocket Outside pocket feature opening to loop your belt through
  • Deluxe shoulder strap separately available ROKstraps can be stored under the floor construction for comfortable carrying
  • 2 compression straps
  • Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding
  • Easy fastening, quick removal
  • Quick access for refueling
  • No flapping straps
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Built to last
H2O Proof Fully waterproof 3-layer fabric, 100% water, mud, snow and dust proof
Volume 13-20 liter
Length 38 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 25 cm
Bag closure YKK zipper

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