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Most Wanted Warehouse was founded in 2014 by MSc Architect Angelo Baltoyannis and Landscape Architect Paris Baltoyannis, both passionate Adventure Riders, as a result of their persistence to find the best possible technical riding gear for their motorcycle expeditions. Our team is passionate and dedicated, always searching for something better and harder to achieve. The only way to embark in every adventure is to be prepared for everything and equipped with the best technical gear. Only this way will the journey be safe, pleasant and leave a sweet memory.

Riders like us want to focus on our ride, our photography, our adventure. Worrying about the elements is just another distraction. We wanted a riding experience without compromise.

Finding the best was not hard and we were among the first Adventure Shops in Europe, to collaborate with KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC) a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world's highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, KLIM builds gear for the most demanding riders. So, in 2014 we introduced the KLIM brand to the Greek public and helped many riders like us to find the best available motorcycle riding gear for their specific needs.

Our experience and specialization in adventures of the beaten track, that include dirt tracks and single trails, makes us prefer Soft over Hard Luggage for our type of riding. This leads us straight to Enduristan GmbH, a Swiss company founded in 2008 by Christoph von Ow, Isabel Jenni, and David Jenni. The company aims to design and produce innovative, high-quality products for individualists for the touring markets. As they state "Enduristan can't be found on any map, but when the daily grind is left behind, and the adventure begins, that’s when you realize that you are there. When we travel through Enduristan, the horizon is clear, the colors are more intense, life feels good and we are free".

Having covered the best possible riding gear and luggage gear, we started searching for motorcycle protective gear. This is definitely a sector where you can not take shortcuts since once something breaks on your motorcycle, you are left stranded miles away from help. AltRider is a Seattle-based company manufacturing 100% American-made accessories and gear for adventure touring motorcycles. Being riders themselves, the AltRider team expects performance and value from the products they use. Each AltRider protection part functions well, looks good on your bike, and can truly stand up to brutal riding conditions. Adventure riding isn't just a hobby for them, it's a lifestyle. Their goal is to give us the freedom of adventure, by designing and manufacturing superior protection parts and soft luggage that are actually built for the ride.


One of our principal business thesis is to import only one brand for every motorcycle need, the one we choose as the best. So, our partners list gradually got bigger and brands like Unit Garage, Rade Garage, Hyena Graphics, Aurora Rally Equipment and many more were added.


Both Most Wanted Warehouse founders are dedicated adventurers and highly skilled motorcycle riders, having actively contributed to the adventure community, organizing multiple non-profit Adventure Rallies and Events for motorcycle clubs and brands.


On the KTM LC8 Adventure Rally, riders will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE and what it means to embrace the KTM SPIRIT. Charging down epic dirt roads, conquering extreme riding territory and sharing it all with like-minded riders, friends.

In 2015 Most Wanted Warehouse organized and hosted the first-ever KTM LC8 Owners Rally Greece, an annual Adventure Rally aiming to gather under a common roof, all the Greek large displacement KTM motorcycle owners. The KTM LC8 Owners Rally Greece includes trails on more demanding dirt roads, with emphasis on the long duration and distance that will be covered in each leg. Motorcycles must be equipped with off-road tires and have a minimum fuel autonomy of 180 km. The route is aimed at the more skillful off-road riders and contains single-track, beautiful free-ride trails, and steep descents.

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100% pure ADVENTURE | 100% KTM Spirit | 100% Unforgettable Experience

What is March Moto Madness? It's an Adventure Rally that happens worldwide in the last days of March, an opportunity for meetings with old or new friends who share a common love for motorcycle, village touring and exploration.

March Moto Madness started in 2006 by a group of American motorcyclists because of their love for the motorcycle, driving on the ground, camping near nature and talking about the fire. The event started from the very beginning and is now being co-organized in the US with the GS Giants, the largest forum of fans of the BMW GS racer bike in the world. In 2015 it escaped from the borders of America and transformed itself into a global event that was held simultaneously in 14 countries of the world, including Greece. March Moto Madness Greece is organized and hosted by Most Wanted Warehouse every year, the same days all over the world!

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The contribution of Angelo and Paris Baltoyannis to the international adventure community, with many initiatives like the national Adventure Rallies that are part of worldwide counterpart Rallies and their Adventure Expeditions with internationally acknowledged projects like Mythical Routes, has been noticed and appreciated by KLIM (Teton Outfitters, LLC), the US-based global leader of the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motorcycle rider.

From 2016, both Angelo and Paris became official KLIM Ambassadors and Αthletes, working closer with the the brand, testing various products, educating new riders and contributing to the growth of the adventure community, both nationally and internationally.


Both co-founders of Most Wanted Warehouse, being renaissance men and highly driven by nature, in 2018 inaugurated the opening of their new Adventure Boutique in Glyfada-Athens, a design-conscious space that in the words of Klim Europes Sales Director "represents a stellar example and acts as a reference point to all European Klim Stores".

In the summer of 2018, all leading members of the MWW team got to the GORE-TEX® Product Factory in Munich, in order to get further education in the material that makes Klim stand apart from the rest. In our Latest News we will be posting many articles about the technical abilities of Gore-Tex, care instructions and much more.

Adventure is not just a word for us. It is a way of life. In the words of Helen Adams Keller, an American author, political activist, and lecturer that was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree:

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.


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